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‘The Glitch’ won the Juggernaut short story contest 2018. The Juggernaut Short Story Prize is an annual short story prize that runs for two and a half months and invites entries from budding writers all across India.

“The results are out- while there were so many entries that made us think of life and literature in a new way, these three in particular stood out and hence bagged the prize:

First Prize- The Glitch by Manish Pathiani

The winning entry, this particular story was the one that we found most gripping and innovative, making it seem like an episode of Black Mirror.

A man sits in a bar and meets a woman, who turns out to be the owner of a startup that produces virtual reality devices that allow you to experience someone’s life in real time, from the bits they choose to show to you. The man agrees to be a beta user, and becomes obsessed with an Indian woman DeeDee who shows him glimpses of her life through the VR device; a glitch in the device however makes him see much more than he could ever wanted to…”


You can read the story here .

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