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What if I never see you on the other side


All these words written
and saved as incomplete poems
on my laptop,

And all those places
where I wandered off to
around the world
to define a meaning for my existence,

And all those future endeavours,
and aspirations,
that you once wished me well for,

And all those chores,
that filled up the mundane

workout routines,
bicycle commute to work,

thousands of lines of code,
trips to the grocery stores,

ignored calls,
unanswered texts,

cans of beer,
butts of cigarettes,

tinder dates,
unreciprocated feelings,

culinary experiments,
guitar lessons,

walks by the river,
sunsets over the high rise glass buildings,

distasteful relationships
promises of satiated desires,

would amount to nothing,
if I do not see you on the other side.

This silence,
that we once shared as love,
would be left to remember me by.

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